A book report on darkfall a horror novel by dean koontz

However, unbeknownst to Chyna, Vess glimpses her. She has been held captive by Vess for months. He went on to kill nine more people. Chyna and Ariel escape the wreck, but Vess catches up to them and knocks Chyna to the ground while Ariel continues on, distracting Vess long enough for Chyna to pull a lighter from her pocket.

Soon after, Chyna sees a police car on the road and pulls over to signal it, only to discover that the driver is Vess, the local sheriff.

Plot summary[ edit ] Chyna Shepard is a college student visiting the family of her friend, Laura Templeton, for a long weekend. By this time, he had kidnapped and killed six women and has been holding a teenage girl for a year after killing her parents and brother. Science a book report on darkfall a horror novel by dean koontz Read Darkfall A remorselessly terrifying and in pursuit of love in the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald powerful thriller by Dean Koontz What readers are saying about Darkfall: In the ensuing showdown, Chyna rams his police car, but he rolls clear and uses a shotgun to disable the motor home, causing it to tip over.

Chyna passes Vess while traveling through a state park and intentionally crashes her car into a redwood tree. Chyna hears Laura screaming and runs upstairs, intending to attack Vess with a knife.

Edgler Foreman Winston Vess Edgler is a brutal serial killer who preys on men, women and children, according to his mood. Fascinated, he decides not to kill her immediately, wanting to see what she will do. She is trained to use guns and is inventive. This comes to a violent end when serial killer Edgler Vess breaks into the house in the night and methodically kills all of the occupants except Laura and Chyna.

While Vess gets out to investigate, Chyna sneaks on board the motor home. He kills for the sheer "intensity" of it; he believes that life is all about accruing sensationand that he must live with intensity in order to discover new sensations.

Chyna hides in a back room, planning to escape at the earliest opportunity. Obsessed with the "intensity" of any particular experience, sensory and existential, Vess styles himself as a "homicidal adventurer" and has killed continually since childhood.

After discovering that Laura has been tied up and rapedChyna leaves, promising to return. After catching up to Ariel, she turns and watches as Vess burns to death. Several viewers of the film noticed striking similarities between the plot of the film High Tension and the plot of Intensity.

After Vess leaves for work, Chyna manages to break away from the table to which she is chained and slam her chair into a wall. Characters[ edit ] Chyna Shepherd Chyna is a year-old graduate student still coming to terms with her abusive past, who risks her life to save a young girl from a killer.

Vess tortured and killed animals as a child and committed his first murders at the age of nine when he burned his parents to death after they caught him torturing a turtle; their death was considered an accident.

Chyna, who was abused and neglected by her mother as a child, finds that the Templeton house provides something she has yearned: Before she can escape, Vess drives away. He killed his adoptive parents when he was once again by fire--for the insurance money and started his killing spree six years before the novel begins.

She releases Ariel from her prison. Before she can intervene, Vess kills Laura and takes her to his motor home. Vess regards Ariel as a challenge because she has taken the longest to crack of all his captives.

Darkfall by Dean Koontz. Vess longs to see her final breakdown but Chyna is able to rescue her. Some months later, Chyna adopts Ariel and meets a nice man.

A book report on darkfall a horror novel by dean koontz

Before she can free Ariel, Vess attacks Chyna in the kitchen, punching her unconscious before binding her with a chain. In the novel he kills eight people, making his body count at least A passing motorist stops to help them. When Vess stops at a gas station, she sneaks out of the motor home and looks for a payphone.Breathless: Book summary and reviews of Breathless by Dean Koontz.

Intensity is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz, released in One of Dean Koontz's first works, his immaturity and indecision as a horror/suspense writer is fairly evident in his project "Darkness". As winter envelopes the city, several mutilated, chewed bodies turn up in less than a killarney10mile.coms: Deans next book is scheduled for release in December including Darkfall is a novel by the best-selling author Dean a book report on darkfall a.

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Dragon Tears is a paranormal/horror novel by the best selling author Dean Koontz Overview. The opening line sets the tone "Tuesday was a fine California day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch." The book covers the events of several seemingly unassociated people and how that one day .

A book report on darkfall a horror novel by dean koontz
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