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But this lasted only for a short period. These men also keep a screen of professional dealings and manners on them and do not show their real personality to us.

The writer has presented a contrast between Spring season and Winter season in it. So here down the essays available are the most repeated and expected essays for BA BSc Exams annual or supplementary, regular or private candidates.

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The writer has narrated the scene of destruction which happened after the attack of atomic bomb on Nagasaki by America. As a democracy it is not yet three years old.

The Hindus believed in a caste system, which made it a sin for those at the top of the hierarchy to eat with the so-called lower human B.a modern english essays or in some cases even to touch them; the Muslims believed in the equality of all men, regarding even priesthood as unnecessary and a negation of the bond which exists between God and each of His creatures.

Real freedom was freedom of common man from the threat of poverty, disease, social security and ignorance. So it was necessary for the people of Pakistan to utilize all the qualities of their mind and B.a modern english essays to get the maximum out of least given to them.

Essay that is easy to understand and written in easy language is more preferable and you can secure more marks in that essay.

There were mountains on the surface of the moon. Only brownish mountains and the beaches were there. Till three years ago, Pakistan was only an ideal and a longing. So the Muslims rightly decided to struggle for a separate independent homeland for them where they could lead their lives according to their own religious, political, cultural, economical and social life style Hardships faced by Pakistan After its Creation At the time of partition Pakistan had to face many hardships and problems.

Then the sun tore the clouds and showed its one corner. Long experience and the history of several centuries had taught them that under a dominating majority of three to one, freedom from British rule would mean to the Muslims, not freedom but merely a change of masters.

He has not mentioned any particular moral lesson or advice in the essay. In fact the writer has given in his essay the picture of this horrible attack to make the world realize the after effects of the use of atomic weapons.

By and by the light of sun grew its brightness restoring the colours and warmth of earth. For my address today I have advisedly chosen the subject of Pakistan and the Modern World. He talked in a very sympathetic and polite way to his customers and always showed them cloth by putting on his bended knee.

The writer, Gloria Emerson, has told us about her personal experience of taking the plunge to prove this message. Candidates there are a huge number of essays which lies in BA, BSc syllabus but according to the board paper point of view there are almost 15 to 20 essays which are more important.

Being situated in the centre of Asia a strong Pakistan could be a guarantee of peace in her continent. There is frost everywhere. Hindus were in majority with the ratio of 1: According to his point of view, it was our first and foremost duty to maintain and safeguard the freedom.

Finally the sun shone with full face and earth again turned into a colourful living thing. So it was very difficult for Pakistan to manage things for its survival. If you can, in your imagination, reconstruct those times for a little while you will in many ways be reading in the history of Pakistan and of the first three years of its new life.

A number of ambulances were running on the roads to take the people to the hospitals.

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Liaquat Ali Khan mentioned in his speech the duties which our freedom demanded from us. To maintain the rate of progress Pakistan was looking towards the advanced nations such as America to owe helping hand. It received no military equipment. Colours began to disappear from the earth.

Its light and brightness started to fade.This is bachelor of arts B.A English Notes Click Here B.A English Notes Book 1 Modern Essays. BA: Notes on Modern English Essays - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Notes for BA students/5(40). b.a. english (pu) - complete text 'Read to understand' was never easy before this. Meanings, explanations, references, formatting, diagrams and videos etc will surely help you comprehend the whole syllabus magically. Pakistan and the Modern World by Liaqat Ali Khan When the English government decided to quit from sub-continent, Hindus were ready to capture the reign after the departure of British.

So for the Muslims, freedom from British rule was nothing but a change of masters. The essay is written as an attempt to point out the deterioration.

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4th year-English M-Essay-Walking on the Moon. walking on the moon by Liaqat Related Posts. Categories. Free modern english papers, essays, and research papers.

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