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But the challenge needs to be recognised now and acted on if television news providers want to reinvent themselves and find an audience that increasingly prefers digital media to television, and increasingly embraces on-demand, distributed, and mobile video distributed online.

This concerns television generally, but also television news specifically. There is a market for the latest breaking events, for the highly visual, and also for in-depth specialist topics.

'I was the BBC's first female weather presenter'

A lot of experimentation has focused on short, sharable, immediately compelling videos produced for social media and video-sharing platforms for example BuzzFeedwhile others like Vice have prioritised longer-form, rich, sometimes interactive video content and hope to draw people to their websites or apps with especially compelling content.

Some are working directly for the BBC already and all of those who work for the Met Office will be invited to move across on what are deemed similar terms. News agencies too have recognised the demand for content around live events.

For people aged 16—24, the number was 25 hours. She also covers the News at One. Joanna joined BBC News ininitially presenting the overnight bulletins, and has since presented on mornings and weekends, before ending up in her current slot in He was also the main commentator for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games and has appeared as himself in an episode of Doctor Who, revolving around the London Olympics.

While major television channels are still pulling in large audiences, these audiences are eroding and ageing while a range of new entrants seek to pick up younger audiences who continue to turn away from traditional television news and embrace digital media.

In weekend evenings went single headed - Anitta continued to frequently present these as well as now appearing as a relief present regularly throughout the week. She has also presented BBC Breakfast.

He took on his BBC News Channel slot in the relaunch, with his new programme created in order to allow the channel to better compete with Live at Five on rival Sky News.

We focus on new experiments with television-like and video news online in the third part of the report because we are interested in innovative approaches to adapting to a new environment rather than the incremental evolution of traditional formats.

Television news providers have yet to find their place in this changing environment. Her first bout of cancer then struck in Digital media use is increasingly not simply supplementing, but also supplanting, television viewing.

Overview of the Report In this report, we analyse what is happening to television news. Two of the earliest ambitious attempts to offer online video news, Reuters TV and Huffington Post Live, illustrate how hard it is.

Huw is married with five children and has a first class honours degree in French from Cardiff University. In this role she has covered many major political events, most recently the General Election, in which she joined Conservative leader David Cameron on the campaign trail.

For younger people, beyond-the-box video accounts for half of all viewing in technologically advanced markets like the UK and the US Meeker Its London headquarters was established in when PA Group, the parent company of the Press Association news agency, acquired a majority share in the business.

Its success is attributed to its tone, relevance to its target audience, and its understanding of how its material is viewed. It is not just the format, but the type of content that is offered which has to change.

World Business Report

Jon has worked with the BBC for over 20 years. It was broadcast on every hour for 16 hours. Yes, BBC World does run features. Everyone is still experimenting, and the clearest take-away from these experiments in online video news so far is that there is no one recipe, and no one has it.

She started her current job on the BBC News Channel in Septemberpresenting the evening shift with another new presenter, Jon Sopel, who is still her co-anchor today. Gavin joined the Newsnight team in from the BBC News channel where he had been one of the main presenters from its launch inpresenting alongside Sian Williams, Carrie Gracie and others.

As yet it is a minority service — but producers believe it will quickly develop into a mainstream application.


The decline in viewing among younger people is far more pronounced both for television viewing in general and for television news specifically, meaning that the loyalty and habits of older viewers prop up overall viewing figures and risk obscuring the fact that television news is rapidly losing touch with much of the population.

She made the pragmatic decision to work as a London-based TV presenter because of fixed, shorter hours. He moved to BBC News intaking over his current slot in Nicholas began his journalistic career on the Surrey Mirror in before moving to Fleet Street in MUMBAI: BBC World has lined-up new presenters for anchoring its live news programmes at 6 PM and 7 PM (EST) from Washington and London starting on 28 June.

BBC News correspondent based in the BBC.

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BBC World News Live from Phuket Island Radio International news LIVE from London every hour 24/7, Phuket News and Weather on the half hour, stay tuned. BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA' LAUNCHES ON KCET Download KCET Press ReleaseDownload BBC World News America Fact SheetDownload BBC. List of BBC newsreaders and reporters Jump to navigation Jump to search.

BBC Also not included are presenters of BBC World News programmes that are simulcast overnight on BBC One and the edition on BBC Four.

Met Office weather presenters face unsettled outlook as BBC sacks the forecaster

World Business Report: Rachel Horne: BBC News Channel: Dominic Laurie: BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live. The latest business news with informed analysis from the world's BBC World News.

World Business Report. Find out more about the presenters of World Business Report. Similar programmes. BBC Pashto (Pashto: بي بي سي پښتو ‎) is the Pashto-language station of the BBC World Service.

[1] [2] It was launched in Augustand reaches out to the over million Pashto speakers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the Pashtun diaspora around the world.

Bbc news world business report presenters golden
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