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Christmas eCards for Business

You need to be searching for eCards that create an experience for your recipients as well as extending your wishes. Business relationships of this kind often result in the service provider and customer to experience a closer relationship than other organisations.

Also — if you need to empower mutliple staff to send their own cards — the vendor should have the requisite functionality to allow you to achieve your goal. The eCard company ought to be in a position to produce a corporate eCard that visually gives an experience that the majority of your customers and clients will enjoy, as well as reinforces awareness for your brand without seeming gawdy or unprofessional.

There are many advantages to our online marketing system that set us apart from our competitors. Perhaps start with an elevator statement: Please contact ekarda for pricing and information Say hello in 42 languages ekarda enables you to send eCards in multiple languages.

The eCard design process When you have an idea of an eCard you want created, keep in mind that completely custom designs can require extra budget. For medium to large organisations with a varied customer and client base, your selected Christmas holiday eCard desig nought to be non-denominational at every aspect.

This is a common request and we offer 2 solutions 1. Using particular religious terminology in an eCard could cause some of your recipients to be alienated — or worse, offended. You may also be able to provide information about connections to other companies, especially ones relevant to your business, and whether they could help you out.

The best view rates are achieved on campaigns sent a week or more before Christmas We have clients who send their Christmas eCards out as early as mid November! How will your product fit into the market?

If you decide to manage the entire campaign yourself, then simply sign-up for a free trial account with ekarda. Make sure the business that you select does or the deliverability of your e-mails might be affected i. The provider has proven expertise with corporate eCards with the knowledge to provide understanding and insight into how you can best achieve your goals.

You can bring in and organize contact data quickly and easily and even connect to 3rd party apps. If you need to move, explain why. Our corporate eCards display on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. We have real people behind our system and our customer service staff are always more than happy to help you with your campaign or answer any questions you have along the way.

Writing a Business Plan

Do a little style espionage and find out all the details of your competitors, and include this information: Need to send using Outlook or your own email software?

Christmas eCard Gallery Choose a card from the gallery below and have your Christmas eCards ready to be sent to your office employees or business contacts in minutes — or have a custom eCard created specially for your brand.

Your clients and business colleagues will love receiving their corporate Christmas eCard. Business Christmas holiday eCard delivery One fast, but very important, note on eCard delivery side of things: So, keep it fairly short no more than two sides of letter paperand simply provide a summary of your business.

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Business Greetings

Remember that everything can be found within the plan: Make some financial assumptions, especially if you use a material that could get more expensive, and have a contingency plan. Your Christmas eCards are guaranteed to look perfect in every inbox, on every device. Click this link to set-up your free trial and get started now!

Include any funding that you need, and how you aim to get it. Would you wish to allow someone manage the process for you? On the other hand, other service providers or merchandise sales firms may not have such a close relationship with their customers.

Test your eCard and upload your recipient list. Would you wish to use an existing eCard design or have a custom card created specially?


The cards were a hit!! Christmas Holiday eCards that deliver results for your business With a wide range of high-quality personalized Christmas designs and the ability to perfectly match your brand — your business greeting eCards will look better than ever.

View pricing details including descriptions of "credits" and "views". What problem does it solve? They might maintain a very professional, less personal relationship with customers and clients and this should be taken into consideration when choosing an eCard design.Business Greeting cards benefit your employees and customers.

Every aspect of your business involves human interaction in one way or another. Whether it is employee congratulations for a job well done or sending a client or customer a birthday greeting or holiday wish, corporate greeting cards build, strengthen and grow business relationships.

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Writing a Business Plan «Browse all tips. Now that you've absorbed some of our business plan advice, we'd love to know what your top tips are for writing a killer proposal. Let us know your best business plan advice using the hashtag #MOOStartupKit. Written on: 09 May Ecards show Ecards menu ∨ Personalized online greeting cards you can send in an instant.

Occasion. Anniversary Everything you need to plan your next party. Category. Balloons Business Appropriate Thank You Ecard. Business Ecards for Companies and Organizations to customize and send to customers and staff.

Corporate & Christmas Ecards for online marketing from only £5 or Free Ecards. Business eCards offer a great return-on-investment and will support your digital marketing efforts. Unbeatable Customer Service and Support Our customer service staff are available to help ensure your campaign is a success.

Plan your special day down to the smallest of details unique sizes, including square and mini. You can even choose magnetic business cards to really set yourself apart. Our business cards can be printed on twelve different paper types, including premium thick paper.

Oceania (” x ”): This is the standard size business card.

Ecards business plan
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