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As an instrumentalist construct, the politics of ethnicity tends to collapse the distinction between political choices, affiliations and loyalties, on the other hand. The Africa encountered by European Colonizers in 19th century was multi-ethnic with different forms of self governing.

Personalization of political power and tendencies towards authoritarianism has occasioned repressive practices by successive regimes, including constriction of political and democratic, space and political assassinations. Vintage Books, Leoussi, A. The ethnic state apparatus triggered the imperative to politicize identity as a political survival strategy at lower levels.

In Coast province, the seed of regional semi-autonomy seems to have been fed by the ethnic land distribution that resulted in historical dispossession of indigenous Coastal communities, which explains the squatter problems in the province to date.

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Although the worldwide politicization of primordial attachments has left developed countries like the former Soviet Union, Canada, Belgium, the United States and Britain with rising ethnic ethnicity and education sociology essay help, the magnitude of the task of national unification in Africa is probably unequal elsewhere in the world.

In history they tend to miss out teaching about black history in order to teach more appealing topics and in English, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens are usually taught over black writers and this can cause the ethnic students to take less of a care to the subject, ending up in a lower success rate.

The study will specifically seek to find out whether political elite use ethnic mobilization as a tool to gain political power at the expense of their ethnic communities.

There is no way someone can mention ethnicity without touching somehow on politics in Kenya, because the two terms are closely intertwined. Waiting for marriage before engaging in sexual reproduction seems to be a decreasing norm or value amongst our culture but for those who do wait the rewards are astounding hose who do wait to have a kid the average married couple waits 3 years before having their first-born child FP All Kenyans, regardless of their ethnic background were united in fighting to remove the British from power.

The time between wedding day and the first-born child is a positive correlation with educational attainment. Being in the bottom of the class can mean numerous things, having to works as slaves and indentured servants educational attainment was never any option, so therefore it was not a moral instilled into minority races.

A good example is the just concluded general election. Ethnic mobilization strategy intensifies ethnic competition for political power 1.

Power was given to some communities at the expense others creating frustration and completion to date. Another viewpoint is that parties are political machines for maintaining networks of loyal supporters, who most of the time are from their ethnic communities and not nationally oriented.

University of California Press, Cohen, R. This has been the case as from the battles over the constitutional formula for independence to the waning days of on-party era in s, where politicians since sought support from their ethnic or sub-ethnic communities to ascend them to political prosperity.

Sociology Ethnicity Question Sociology Ethnicity Question Using material from item A and elsewhere assess the claim that ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors.

Westview Press, Stack, J. The Politics of the Belly, London: Cambridge University Press, Eriksen, T. This can lead to both parents obtaining the desired level of education, and gives both parents time to land a steady job to support the family.

The allure of the benefits of controlling government resources once in power only entrenched zero sum electoral politics. Political liberation since has not fundamentally changed this atmosphere. National integration merely requires that identification with the national community supersede in certain situations more limited ethnic loyalties.

Reasons for this could be: Ethnicity is said to play a significant and crucial role in African politics Horrowitz ; Posner Yet at the root of this is colonial divide-and-rule policy, in which groups were Balkanized through formation of ethnically motivated administrative units.

Thus, many aspects of competitive politics in Africa are founded on ethnic politics based on who gets what, when and how. Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc.

Ethnicity INTRODUCTION In attempting to understand ethnicity, some scholars have conceptualized it as a product of contact and not of isolation, and by implication entailing commonalities and differences between categories of people in a process.

Sociology Ethnicity Question

Eriksen has referred to this process as complementarization and dichotomization. Furthermore, there is the issue to do with political disputes about unclear boundary demarcation of electoral and administrative units, and even the debate about the location of the headquarters of these units in a number of areas around the country.

It is from this perspective that a leading politician in Coast made statements viewed as inflammatory during a July constituency parliamentary by-election. Most importantly, ethnicity is an aspect of relationship and not a cultural property, for if a setting is wholly mono-ethnic then there would be no ethnicity.

The preservation of some loyalty to particularistic ethnic groups is not necessarily incompatible with national integration. The Mau Mau war of liberation was fiercely fought in Central Kenya which became a complete war zone between and These will include books, journals, publications of the United Nations and the European Union which complements the primary data collected.

This form of rule-breaking behavior is bound to trickle down to the grassroots.Sociology Essay - Education Item A states that "ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the results of school factors".

Most studies have found out that, overall, ethnic minorities tend to do less well than other members of the population, in educational performance 73% of pupils of Indian origin pupils achieved 5 A* - C.

Sociology Ethnicity Question Using material from item A and elsewhere assess the claim that ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors.

It is not completely internal school factors that can affect different ethnicities level of achievement in education, external factors can have a large part to play.

Links to posts on the sociology of education for A Level Sociology, including perspectives on education (Functionalism, Marxism etc.), explanations for differential educational achievement (class, gender, ethnicity), in-school processes (labelling etc.) and the impact of social policies such as the Continue reading →.

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