Fha loan underwriting and transmittal summary

While the resident does not own his unit, he has an absolute right to occupy his unit for as long as he owns the stock. Commission Money paid to a real estate agent or broker by the seller as compensation for finding a buyer and completing the sale.

Co-Borrower An additional borrower on a loan. In a cooperative, the corporation or association owns title to the real estate.

Community property In some western and southwestern states, a form of ownership under which property acquired during a marriage is presumed to be owned jointly unless acquired as separate property of either spouse. Coinsurance depends on the relationship between the amount of the policy and a specified percentage of the actual value of the property insured at the time of the loss.

Coinsurance A sharing of insurance risk between the insurer and the insured. Common areas include swimming pools, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities, as well as common corridors of buildings, parking areas, means of ingress and egress, etc.

Collection The efforts used to bring a delinquent mortgage current and to file the necessary notices to proceed with foreclosure when necessary. Coverage The amount of protection, usually expressed in a percentage of the total claim amount, an insured receives under a certificate.

Comparables An abbreviation for comparable properties used for comparative purposes in the appraisal process; facilities of reasonably the same size and location with similar amenities; properties which have been recently sold, which have characteristics similar to property under consideration, thereby indicating the approximate fair market value of the subject property.

The protection offered a homeowner under a certificate of title is not as great as that offered in a title insurance policy. Chain of title The history of all of the documents that transfer title to a parcel of real property, starting with the earliest existing document and ending with the most recent.

Contract An oral or written agreement to do or not to do a certain thing. Co-maker A person who signs a promissory note along with the borrower. Cooperative co-op A type of multiple ownership in which the residents of a multiunit housing complex own shares in the cooperative corporation that owns the property, giving each resident the right to occupy a specific apartment or unit.

Certificate of deposit A document written by a bank or other financial institution that is evidence of a deposit, with the issuer?

The final closing merely confirms the original agreement reached in the agreement of sale. Credit repository An organization that gathers, records, updates, and stores financial and public records information about the payment records of individuals who are being considered for credit.

Compound interest Interest paid on the original principal balance and on the accrued and unpaid interest. The certificate of title, abstract, and deed are generally prepared for the closing by an attorney and this cost charged to the buyer.

Credit life insurance A type of insurance often bought by mortgagors because it will pay off the mortgage debt if the mortgagor dies while the policy is in force.

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Coinsurance clause A provision in a hazard insurance policy that states the amount of coverage that must be maintained — as a percentage of the total value of the property — for the insured to collect the full amount of a loss.

Cooperative project A residential or mixed-use building wherein a corporation or trust holds title to the property and sells shares of stock representing the value of a single apartment unit to individuals who, in turn, receive a proprietary lease as evidence of title.

Cash Out A loan transaction in which the borrower receives funds at the time of closing. Claim An amount requested of an insurer, by a policyholder or a claimant, for an insured loss. Commitment Letter A formal offer by a lender stating the terms under which it agrees to loan money to a homebuyer.

Condominium Individual ownership of a dwelling unit and an individual interest in the common areas and facilities, which serve the multi-unit project. The issuer of a certificate of title is liable only for damages due to negligence.

It represents the weighted-average cost of savings, borrowings, and advances of the 11th District members of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.We are the preferred lender for many realtors, business managers and CPAs in Los Angeles and throughout the country.

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View and Download Calyx Point 7 user manual online. Point 7 Software pdf manual download. Start Preamble Start Printed Page AGENCY: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. ACTION: Final rule; official interpretations.

SUMMARY: The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection is amending Regulation X, which implements the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ofand implementing a commentary that. Chapter 3, Section B HUD 3-B-2 1.

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Loans Involving HUD/FHA Employees Introduction This topic contains information on loans that involve HUD/FHA employees, including applications for HUD/FHA employees or members of their households, and.

Fha loan underwriting and transmittal summary
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