Fish farming business plan in ghana and i want a scholarship

Below are some of the most popular fish species that is suitable for Aquaculture. The bottom of the pond should also contain about 16 percent lime or compost and the PH level should be between Feasibility Study On Poultry Farming For Beginners This feasibility study prepared for a catfish farm capacity of 10, and fingerlings of high breed catfish where to be stocked.

Tilapia can be affected by bacterial or viral diseases so you must take pro-active measures to protect your pond from such outbreak. Location of farm house.

Sensitive to Manage Fish is very sensitive to manage and a slight mistake could result to degenerated growth of your fish or even death which may cause massive revenue loss.

2018 Fish Farming Business Plan/Feasibility Study In Nigeria PDF

Fish is increasingly becoming popular as a source of protein, and it could easily feed a small family with very little cost or overheads.

Harvesting of Tilapia is done by Seining and draining the pond. How much can you supply? An aquatic ecosystem is extremely dynamic, changing with nutrient inputs, weather and season. No Environmental Hazard Fish farm does not cause any environmental hazard.

There is no doubt that fish farming is among the list of lucrative businesses in Nigeria. This can be achieved by practising spot fishing. There is so much money to be made in aquaculture Tilapia fish farming, catfish farming, shrimp, prawn and lobster breeding ; if done right.

Who are your buyers? Even if you are not a traditional fish farmer, you could easily make a steady income from your home, using aquaculture fish farming techniques.

Depending on the capacity you wants to operate on, half plot of land is just good enough for average fish farm.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

If one intends to increase production and profit margins from producing eggs, then it is well known that the best way would be to feed the layers with quality layers mash and not growers mash. Share1 82 Shares There are so many information on the internet on how to start fish farming in Nigeria especially catfish farming but few are detailed enough to really assist aspiring fish farmer to get started.

The fingerlings should be kept in a spacious pond to allow them enough space for effective growth while the breeders can be kept in a smaller space or in an aquarium.

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An economic recession and other vices can fluctuate the prices of these fingerlings. And you should constantly apply supplements like Livestovit and Aquapro to protect your fishes from diseases. As for Tilapia farming business, are you going into it to make profit or do you just want to raise a few fishes to feed your family?

Once you have your pond or container setup, get your juvenile fish and some fish feed to start.


Eldoret is currently the fastest growing urban center in Kenya and the fifth largest city in the country. Install Overhead Tank This is the water reservoir from which water is supplied to your ponds. The key parameters that determine the levels of production and success in fish farming are water quality, feed quality and seed quality.

Unlike poultry farming, you can setup fish farm anywhere, including residential areas. Harvest your fish and enjoy.

A Tilapia farming business cannot survive without access to regular, constant water supply. You can avoid over-population by using hormones or genetically specific breeds.

If you have a specious compound, you can easily setup a small fish farm within your backyard without any regulatory precaution. Your have to feed your fishes once or twice a day. Some farmers just do not feed their fish because they think fish will grow as long as they are in water. The first thing you should always put into consideration before starting any business at all, is your motive for going into the business.

Fish is Priced High Due to the cost of production, fish produced from the farm is priced higher than those caught from the rivers and ponds by fishermen. Or do you want to start on a small scale and gradually grow into a huge commercial enterprise?

An electric aerator is fine if you have electricity available, but if electricity is not available at your farm location, think about alternative sources of energy such as gas or diesel run aerators. Long-term plan A second fish farm In anticipation of growth, a quarter acre of land was rented to allow for enough room to build a second fish farm.

The first harvest would therefore be in January I have seen several unemployed folks make it through this business; you too can also be successful if you understand the real keys to success.SECTION III: PRODUCTION AND BUSINESS PLANNING.

Chapter 10 – Running a Fish Farm as a Business When making a production and business plan for table fish, one should endeavor to answer the following questions beforehand.

Farm Production and Business Planning When one has more than one pond on the farm, one should plan. hello i want to start a fish farming business i have a own land in Alibaug,maharashtra, INDIA it is a coastal area I would like to start fish farming business in a tropical country – Ghana.

I have no knowledge whatsoever about how to go round it. I now plan to start an animal farm (fish being part of it). Need advise on how to begin. a prepared feasibility study for catfish farm in nigeria AQUACULTURE A feasibility report on the cost of owning a fish farm having a capacity 0f about 10, catfish product using 10 ponds without in putting the cost of land acquisition.

Starting Tilapia Fish Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

Free fish farming business plan Do you need a free business plan for fish farming? This free guide can be used as a template when setting up your farm. I’m happy for you that you’re reading this fish farming business plan/feasibility study because it will help your intending fish farming business.

First, if you`re about to start a fish farming business and you want to convince certain people to raise capital for you. Are you interested in starting a Tilapia fish farming business?

Do you need a sample tilapia fish farming business plan template? Would you like control a MEGA Tilapia fish farm that produces Thousands of fishes monthly?

Fish farming business plan in ghana and i want a scholarship
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