General paper a level essay questions

SMSing at meals, meetings, lectures and religious gatherings Connection to the past. But for now, a recognition of the sometimes unsaid and barely implied elements in questions can go a long way toward helping a student secure a good grade.

There is also more focus on the development of arts and culture. This form of education allows less room for the growth of creativity and innovation. Overtime, the key to success may change but education itself, can also respond to suit what is demanded for success.

Being in schools helps students pick up good habits and recognize what is right and wrong. These are questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, It should also be noted that any education system will evolves with time and responds to the needs of success.

This facilitates the building of a more culturally vibrant Singapore.

2015 A levels H1 General Paper (8807) Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

However, General paper a level essay questions a world where change is the only constant, requirements and formulas to success are also ever-changing. Consider the changes in society that might have led to the above viewpoint.

Other possible arguments agree Tradition makes us unique provides us an identity and adds variety to a world that celebrates diversity.

Furthermore, such traditions can keeps peace in society especially when sexual depravity, child abuse, theft, murder and other disruptive issues are reaching very worrying levels in more liberal societies.

Can humour ever be serious? Money without the proper knowledge or skills in its management can lead to the collapse of world economies plunging the already poor nations into even greater poverty.

Arts vs Sciences question 2 History question 5 Role of government question 11and even Usefulness and peculiarities of academic subjects question 7 Many students would likely roll their eyes and look away, upon reading these questions.

Insights from the 2012 A level General Paper essay questions

For example, the education system in China and General paper a level essay questions still focus very much on the transfer of knowledge through textbooks and notes. In Singapore, the education system has been revised many times to cater to the pragmatic needs of our society.

Pure reliance on a legal system to police a state is not always effective The use of value systems and the emphasis of traditions can become an educational tool that helps to breed pro-social behaviour in society, aiding the government in maintaining order.

However, this does not deny the fact that there is still a need for education. Traditional values can continue to discriminate women in a patriarchal society. The current economic crisis was brought about by a mismanagement of investments.

We might want to think about the less lighthearted purposes of humour, like political caricatures and social protest slogans that use humour to convey serious messages. How far is it acceptable for technology to be used only for financial benefit? They will have to be pondered over the course of the essay.

Consider the view that mathematics possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty. Despite the connectivity that modern technology has given us, people are more isolated than they have ever been. Asian, Confucian values ensure a disciplined, orderly and stable society and inculcates a healthy respect for authority and the state.

Traditional value-systems are an important tool for government systems to keep people in check and a vehicle for passing on certain moral values Reason: Today, we live in a more inter-connected world.

In addition, the focus is now more on creating a knowledge-based Economy where creativity and innovation are the keys to success. Thus, it is unlikely for a student to climb up high on the corporate ladder in his later stages of life as he or she may only be able to regurgitate what is in the notes but not able to apply the knowledge effectively.

Inevitably, we are influenced by the world we live in, and this probably goes for the people who set the questions too. In your society, how far is equality for all a reality?

In view of this, many of the current education provided by schools will not be sufficient. Is there any value in preserving minority languages in the world? In addition, access to education for women has also result in empowerment of women, allowing them to participate more in the corporate world, thus achieving better economic status and success for themselves.

Good answers to these questions would certainly include specific domain knowledge in linguistics, the arts vs sciences debate, and the ethics of organ donations, for example.

With the creation of the Internet, information is made available and accessible to us easily.Nov 11,  · The fact is General paper has no particular book, it requires knowledge we gain from our other subjects and a student who studies World Geography, Economics (best one for knowledge) and Thinking Skills can score the highest marks in this subject, and even Business Studies can help.

Feb 11,  · Insights from the A level General Paper essay questions February 11, by englishmender 3 Comments These were the essay questions from the most recent () A level GP exam here in Singapore. The following essay questions are adapted from “KS Bull Issue 1”: Consider the value of play.

“There is no lack of policy in environment conservation; it is the people who lack conscience and sensitivity.”. Here are some essay questions from past exams for an understanding of what to expect for Paper 1. ‘Be gentle with the killarney10mile.coml Paper Essay Qns General Paper essay questions come under a wide range of topics.

As for AQ, remember that it is a mini O Level composition of about words. The structure is almost the same as your essay paper with only slight modifications. General Paper Guide for A Level Students. 4, likes · 6 talking about this. Essay Ideas, and many other useful articles to GCE A Level Students of General Paper.

General Paper Guide for A Level Students. Sp S on S so S red S · March 23, This is sooo not what the GP requires!This is going to fail students for sure!For questions.

General paper a level essay questions
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