Ibe bioethics essay contest

Also, it was exciting to be one of the top 5 contenders in the essay competition, and particularly to be one of the top three winners—who were all Terps! That is refreshing, and shows that our future bioengineers are prepared to handle the challenges that will inevitably come their way.

Synthetic organisms capable of reducing pollutants, providing food, and producing energy could also benefit society. Advancements such as prosthetic limbs, joint replacements, improved hygiene, organ transplants, and vaccinations have tripled what was considered to be the natural human lifespan in the Paleolithic era, but are now widely accepted medical practices rather than viewed as unnatural enhancements.

Isser advocated finding a balance.

Biology for Engineers class. While the new technology has great potential to replace damaged organs and heal burns, Isser explains, it is also controversial because of concerns that it could unnaturally extend human life which would in turn affect population growth and the resources needed to support itturn body parts into commodities, or distort how "human" we are.

The fact that we represent two of the five finalists, and that they are both freshmen from our young program, really puts the University of Maryland on the bioethics map.

Enormous Possibility, Exaggerated Perils," discusses synthetic biology synbioa relatively new field in which scientists seek to create life "from scratch. Supporters of Bt corn cite higher yield, better resistance vs.

Mitchell argued that we should not apologize for our achievements in medicine, nor should we fear the ethical reviews of these achievements that inform the public and allow for acceptance or rejection. Bt corn also called transgenic maize is a grain named for the Bt Bacillus thuringiensis Delta Endotoxin gene it has been engineered to carry.

Extending Life at What Expense?

Ibe Bioethics Essay Contest 2012

Proponents of synbio research, however, feel that it will make genetic engineering much easier, help us design more effective treatments for disease, and gain a better understanding of life and how biological systems function.

Detractors have concerns about safety, caterpillars simply being diverted to different crops for sources of food, the rise of other pest populations to take the place of declining caterpillars, and the possibility that targeted insects will ultimately develop a resistance to the toxin.

Bioengineering is simply another tool and "enhancement" is not a single, simple concept, she concluded.

Bioethics Essay Contest

Their work was chosen from a nationwide field of entries submitted by both undergraduate and graduate students. Change is natural, and it is acceptable to pursue solutions our vulnerabilities. The first-place essay will be considered for publication in the Journal of Biological Engineering, the official journal of the IBE.

However, what is considered an "enhancement," she wrote, may be both relative and tempered by cultural evolution. In the past six years, Clark School bioengineering majors from the University of Maryland have represented 21 of the 29 total finalists, scoring three first place, three second place, and five third place wins, as well as numerous Honorable Mentions.

The toxin, however, is very selective in its effectiveness and does not affect other kinds of insects, animals, fish, or people. It is capable of withstanding various types of destructive caterpillars that feed on corn plants because the gene produces a toxin fatal to them.

Isser took first place for his essay, "Bio-Printing:The Institute of Biological Engineering announces the Bioethics Essay Contest for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any discipline (science, engineering, the arts and humanities, economics, business and social sciences) are invited to submit a words essay. Sep 14,  · The Institute of Biological Engineering Announces the BIOETHICS ESSAY CONTEST for students Submit a to word, original essay on one of the two topics below by December 15,to be a part of the contest.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Kaylee O’Connor, a junior chemical and biological engineering student from Fort Worth, Texas, won first place in the Institute of Biological Engineering bioethics essay competition.

O’Connor’s submission titled “The Cost of Compassion,” was initially chosen as one of the top five essays written on an ethical dilemma. The Institute of Biological Engineering.

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Announces the for undergraduate and graduate students. [email protected] Undergraduate and graduate students may enter the contest. By submitting, youare agreeing to attend the 4 IBE.

BioE Freshmen Are Finalists in Bioethics Contest. Fischell Department of Bioengineering (BioE) freshmen Stevephen Hung and Zachary Russ have been selected as two of the five finalists in the Institute of Biological Engineering's (IBE) annual bioethics essay contest.

Bioethics Essay Contest; Bioethics Essay Contest. By David Rockstraw | Published November 9, See Dr.

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Ibe bioethics essay contest
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