Idea cellular campaigns

Idea Cellular focused on a micromarketing strategy with highly customized messages. Instead of insisting people visit the Idea site to download the song, it was available across a range of P2P services popular with the youth. So, clearly, the campaign is not an out and out dud.

With 3G today on smartphones, there would be a whole generation that would skip computers completely and get on to the Internet straight from their phones. The intent is to get more people onto 3G because of the fantastic experience that it can offer to subscribers.

The new ad is yet another addition in the long-running series of Idea campaigns with the popular tag line — What an Idea, Sirji!. Ask this question to any of these thousand students and define this idea as nothing but rubbish. So, no more of neighbors complaining, lectures being bunked, and vases in the house cracking — Idea Oongli Cricket has changed all that — as the nation is now hooked to this unique Game of Cricket being played at fingertips.

Additionally, campaign performance monitoring is managed for about 5, live campaigns on any given day. Brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

It is a degree campaign including various on-ground initiatives like mobile tutorials, online education help as well as support with admission.

We will write a custom essay sample on Idea Cellular Order now Although the campaigns talks about various issues, I felt a sort of disconnect somewhere.

Idea brand campaigns have always celebrated Champion ideas which have the power to change the society and the way we live. Staying competitive in a tough environment There are more than 10 telecom carriers in India, with seven national carriers offering service in each region.

It was just a function of bringing the Y factor - how much it would spread.

10 Best Idea Cellular TV Advertisement Campaigns

On the other hand, it also promotes some of our 3G based mobile applications. Customer listens to their advertisement, love the characters and share their tones Jingletoons Character and slogan Tagline. The jingle is a new experiment for Idea as well.

With the power of analytics, we at Idea identified around 1, variables, and interaction effects of these variables have led to the creation of thousands of microsegments of the size of 50, toThis campaign brings forth such stories of achievement which were made possible through IIN.

Idea Cellular's IIN: A successful campaign?

Even though the brand uses the same set of brand elements like the taglines in all their campaigns, normal audience often discounts the idea as utopian or imaginative.The case examines the advertising strategies of Idea Cellular, a leading telecom service provider in India.

It explains how Idea promoted its services through several innovative ads via variety of media like TV, print, out-of-home, and radio.

2) Idea -Delhi Nahi Rukegi Campaign This campaign had covered the big wedding season of loving shows that with the help of idea Delhi will not this new campaign #DelhiNahiRukegi, Idea Cellular has announced the commercial launch of its superior 3G network in Delhi NCR, A high-decibel marketing campaign.

Ideas Campaign

Pradeep Srivastava, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular said, "As a brand, Idea Cellular has always looked at championing thoughts which have the power to change the society. Idea Cellular uses the SAS Marketing Automation framework – which encompasses data management, predictive analytics, campaign management and campaign performance monitoring – not only to deal with the volume of data that needs to be sifted through, but also to configure business rules and seamless integration with other operational systems.

Idea Cellular's Advertising and Promotion Strategies

Idea Cellular another campaign woos new customers with the roll out of ‘Switch to Idea’ campaign, IDEA Cellular, the pan-India mobile operator, has affirmed that it is ready to enable Mobile Number Portability (MNP) on its network. The brand has been known for campaigns built around social issues like population control, environment and education fronted by the face of the brand Abhishek Bachchan.

IDEAs new campaign gives a new dimension to Democracy What an Idea Sirji!

In the current campaign the song is the hero. Idea Cellular's new jingle 'Honey Bunny' goes viral. Dhoni inks rs crore deal with German company.

Idea cellular campaigns
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