Love is everything

What does this even mean? Some days we might be safe and some days we might be in danger. That when we are born, we are nothing, nobody and as we go along, as we grow older and as we are being shaped by our family, school and society, we start becoming something and somebody?

They think that money, power, fame, and fortune is all that life is about, always looking to gain more, to be better than everybody, to be number one etc. Why do we put Love is everything on people, things, places, ideas?

It goes on, and on, and on. We get attached to our Love is everything, our way of doing things, to places, to things and the many people present in our lives, not knowing that all of our attachments will only bring us anguish, sorrow, and suffering. Where is the peace in that? Learning to live is learning to let go.

This kind of people has Love is everything the world but lost their souls. I am not saying I am at the level where I can have things, where I can move from one place to another, where I can leave or be left by those I love without feeling sad.

Why do we do this to ourselves? If it were to put you both in a room, naked, no clothes on, who will even know the difference between the rich and the poor, between the special and not so special?

It will be so much easier if we could appreciate what we have if we could appreciate our friends, our family if we could love all of them without being attached to them. We are always trying to be better than everybody else, we are always trying to make more money, have bigger houses, bigger cars, expensive things so that we can differentiate ourselves from the not so special ones.

Love Everything, Be Attached To Nothing If a person is wiping floors for a living while you are the owner of that building, that does not give you the right to be disrespectful to that person.

That does not make him a less of a person. For me, this is a very dangerous approach to life. The problem is that most of us get so attached to all of these things, all of these people, all of these places, and once we lose them, and one day we will all go through this, we will be heartbroken, devastated, and the pain will be so hard to bear.

I really believe it takes time and practice to get there, but I am definitely way better at it than I was years ago. The clothes we wear, the friends we have, the schools we go to, the parents we have etc.

Some days we might be healthy while other days we might be sick. I guess you have all heard the stories of those wealthy people who lost their fortunes, and because of that, they decided to put an end to their lives. This is what happens when you only live for accumulating more, and more, and more, and this is what happens when you identify yourself with all of them.

I guide my life based on the idea that, the way you treat others will determine how others will treat you, and the way you treat life will determine how life will treat you and I try to empathize with others and I try to help as much as I can, whenever I can. How can that even be possible, when we are constantly racing with one another?

This is why we need to understand that nothing lasts forever, that people come and go, that things come and go, and that there are days when we have more, while other when we have less.

I try to keep my mind open and allow new people, new ideas to enter my life, for I believe that they are all teachers of mine.

Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: Learning to let go is learning to be happy. Does this make any sense to you? I know people who are so identified with what they do, the places they live in, the clothes they wear, the money they have, that they lost all of their humanity, they lost track of who they really are.I love the whole CD, there is not a bad song on it there are just some I like a little better.

He is the King for a reason - he has a great ear for great songs, and I am so glad he is writing more now.

Everything, Everything Quotes

The big promotional angle for "Love Is Everything" seems to be that George wrote or co-wrote many of the songs. As a songwriter George is no /5(). Watch video · Several families meet and become intertwined in love relationships in the Hamptons. Their choices are put to the test, when a summer party ends badly causing the relationships to implode.

What unravels is "LOVE and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. May 18,  · Everything, Everything certainly has everything you want in a teenage chick flick with a decent pace, good acting chemistry, and a nice twist to spruce things up.

Learning to Love Everything and Be Attached To Nothing

Yet it still is that familiar story of love Hollywood likes and lacks a lot of theater worthy elements that make it worth the admission price/10(K). Love Everything, Be Attached To Nothing If a person is wiping floors for a living while you are the owner of that building, that does not give you the right to be disrespectful to that person.

That does not make him a less of a person. Love Is Everything is the twenty-eighth studio album by American country music artist George Strait.

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It was released on May 14, via MCA Nashville. Lead-off single "Give It All We Got Tonight" was released October 29, and became a top single. Everything, Everything Quotes (showing of ) “Everything's a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It's up to you.” characters go from hope to despair, from self-knowledge to doubt.

In love stories, couples start out as lovers and end as strangers. Coming-of-age books become stories of losing your way. Your favorite characters .

Love is everything
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