Matewan directed by john sayles essay

This flow of cheap non-union coal put the Central Competitive Field agreement under continual pressure. Then the fuse is lit. Seven Baldwin—Felts men and two townspeople are ultimately killed. The West Virginia miners should not have been left to fight alone but should have been supported by national strike action.

John Sayles: “Matewan”

One other point worth making here is that the whole question of pacifism which Sayles makes the backbone of the film would in fact have been altogether incomprehensible to the miners struggling to build the union in West Virginia in Here the mine companies employed the Baldwin-Felts agency to break the strike and precipitated a small scale war.

Mice and Men, is one that invokes thought in the reader.

A powerful and well-crafted film based on a true story. The sudden movement sets off a climactic gunfight between the exposed mercenaries and the armed townspeople firing from barricades and rooftops. After a two month strike most gave in, but in Paint Creek and Cabin Creek where nearly pits employed 7, miners the employers continued to resist.

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The man Danny could not bring himself to shoot was unarmed and running for his life. The union president, John L. This resulted in January in the establishment of the Central Competitive Field.

Nevertheless, the UMW was determined to establish itself throughout the state. The only way you can get your rights is with a high-powered rifle, and the man who does not have this equipment is not a good union man.

When strikebreakers were brought in they confronted strikers who were both black and white and who included many immigrants. Slowly the miners pressed forward in a series of outflanking attacks until they had captured half the mountain ridge. Lewis, the young president of the UMWA.

What higher praise could there be? This was not the case.

In the late sixties I hitchhiked through the area several times and most of the people who gave me rides were coal miners or people with mining in their families. According to one account: Between September and October grand juries in Logan County brought in 1, indictments for complicity in the insurrection including charges of murder and 24 indictments for treason.

They were in the forefront of the fight against the mine owners. In Alabama the mine owners refused to implement the commission awards and instead imposed wage cuts.

Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.So says John Sayles, director of the film Matewan, in his book Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie “Matewan.” Based on a real event that took place in Matewan, West Virginia, on May 19,Sayles’s film is a fictional telling of this important event in labor union history.

Infilm writer/director, John Sayles, with an estimated 4, dollar budget, has tried to recreate a story of events that may have led to what is now known to most as the “Matewan Massacre”.

John Sayles’s film Matewan is a marvellous celebration of working class solidarity and courage in the face of the most brutal employers. It focuses on the rank and file experience of the strike with the intention of inspiring similar solidarity and courage among the working class today.

Matewan Directed by John Sayles John Sayles illustrates a feudalistic society in in his film, Matewan. Matewan is a mining town in West Virginia dominated by the Stone Mountain Cole Company. May 04,  · The movie was written and directed by John Sayles, and he plays a small part as as fanatical evangelical preacher in the community of Matewan.” [Description from IMDB.] “Matewan tells the story of a bitter strike in the coal mines of southern West Virginia.

- Matewan Directed by John Sayles John Sayles illustrates a feudalistic society in in his film, Matewan. Matewan is a mining town in West Virginia dominated by the Stone Mountain Cole Company.

The company creates most of the labor opportunity in town, providing positions for unskilled laborers as miners.

Matewan directed by john sayles essay
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