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We will write a custom essay sample on Othello: Senator Brabantio has invited him to his home, and this is a revelation to the soldier. He is proud, a man of authority and vastly skilled in the art of war. It is clear that he despises the good in others and often comments about his dislike for these qualities, specifically when he refers to Othello, Desdemona and Cassio.

And, at the end of Act IV, scene iii, she gives a lengthy discourse about the virtues of infidelity. To call their love heavenly shows an exaggerated passion between the two further emphasizing the appearance of their perfect union. Cassio did top her.

Iago has no true motive for the evil he commits - a Othello weaknesses essay Machiavellian character. Consequently, Iago tricks Othello into believing he is an honest man, thus, giving him the ability to manipulate Othello. These are the qualities which allow Iago to easily gain the respect of others.

As a result, perverse images of heaven are used to show that lagds trickery has caused Othello to give up on those he loves. Since relationships are not perfect they can become easily tainted when left to the deceitful will of others.

After giving Cassio advice on how to approach Othello regarding his job, Iago reveals his true plan: For Desdemona to pray that nothing come Othello weaknesses essay them and their eternal happiness shows a great deal of passion. Her audacity seems to infuriate Othello all the more, as what he takes to be shameless lies convince him that she is unremorseful in what he believes to be her sin.

Othello is an outsider who is intelligent and confident in military matters but socially insecure. He is triumphant in war and in love, the hero at his greatest moment. When the colony of Cyprus is threatened by the enemy, the Duke and Senate turn to "valiant" Othello to lead the defense.

He is different from those around him, due to his origins and his life history, but he shares their religion, values, and patriotism to Venice. Othello lacks confidence within himself due to his differences, hich is emphasized through the use of a racial comment.

The image of heaven is used to emphasize that Othello believes that the love between him and Desdemona is as pure as heaven itself. Emilia is cynical and bawdy, and she gives Desdemona every possible opportunity to bad-mouth Othello.

Whenever they look at his black face, however brilliant a general he is, he knows the others are thinking "Yes, but he is not really one of us. It is therefore tragic that this highly respected general has some fatal flaws which are gradually exposed and exploited by the Machiavellian Iago.

In Act III, scene iii, he is still speaking in mostly coherent sentences or phrases; but this is no longer the case in Act IV, scene i. However, these differences had meant nothing in the beginning, for the love between him and Desdemona was too strong.

Iago has only to push Othello to the belief that he has been betrayed, and Othello does the rest, judging, condemning, and executing Desdemona.

Conversely though, Iago is a bitter, cynical man, intent on revenge, no matter what the cost. Othello tells his life story to Desdemona, and she sees him through his words. From almost the first time he opens his mouth, Othello demonstrates—and the other characters confirm—his hypnotic eloquence when he speaks about his exploits in battle.

At the beginning of the play we learn of her strength when she opposes her father and declares loyalty to Othello. For when people allow their weaknesses to rule over their lives true tragedy ensues. How does her character change when she is not with Othello?

In this regard then, she adheres to the expectations of Venetian custom - that a wife should be obedient and loyal to her husband. It is Desdemona, as well as Othello, who turns the secret marriage into a social success with her skillfully worded defense. Emilia is the first to realise what evil Iago has committed and she courageously confronts and implicates him, which leads to her death at his hand.

Noses, ears, and lips!In both the tragedies of King Lear and Othello, the plot is affected by one character's malicious actions, which exacerbate any tensions that are already inherent in the relationships between the characters.

Iago in Othello and Edmund in King Lear Separating qualities common to one 'set' or 'type. Othello: Religious Motifs BY Cherrry Relationships in which people allow themselves to be manipulated through their weaknesses are truly flawed and have a great potential for failure. These relationships can become tainted by Jealousy and rumours nurtured by deceitful individuals.

Such is the situation in Shakespeare’s Othello, which depicts the. Free Essay: Character Analysis of Othello “Othello” is a tragedy and Othello is a tragic hero.

Othello is a general in the service of Venice.

Othello: Religious Motifs

He is good, courageous, brave and trustworthy. However he has some weaknesses such as insecurity; he is too open, naïve, and gullible, Iago plays on his weaknesses which brings about his downfall. Free Othello Essay: The Disintegration of Othello - The Disintegration of Othello Shakespeare's Othello is a play with unique characters.

Arguably the contribution of Othello’s susceptibility to manipulation, his weaknesses and the manipulation of other characters tactics such as Iago each contribute to the downfall of Othello.

However. Othello Virtues And Weaknesses. is your response to the way Othello is presented in this play? What is there to admire, and what are his weaknesses?In my essay I will start by looking at Othello’s change in fortune throughout the play.

I will also look at the language throughout the play while searching for representation of Othello’s characterization. At the end of Othello, Desdemona seems to be the most passive kind of victim.

Smothered, deprived of breath and of words by her husband, she is totally overwhelmed by Othello’s insane jealousy and physical strength.

Othello weaknesses essay
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