Overcrowding in hospitals essay

The report shows that the average ED patient spent four hours and three minutes door-to-door in ED. According to the American Hospital Association, there were 1.

The number of additional emergency facilities has not kept pace. Thesis announcement The inhuman experience that I along with my brother experienced in town based clinic, provoked me to voice against the medical care system of the country.

Finding the root causes of emergency room overcrowding. The problem here is that physicians that specialize in ED work pay more for insurance than others. When an adult patient requires admission to an Acute Care Unit from the Emergency Department and that area cannot accommodate that patient because of lack of sufficient beds, the patient will be admitted to the next most appropriate bed.

Study after study, and prestigious groups involved in ED practices, all agree that patient boarding is the culprit. Triage is the management of patients by the level of treatment they require.

The processes have been identified. And where will that lead us? A patient who has a migraine headache may have to wait for the heart attack victim.

Examples of completed orders. Many state Departments of Health are now adopting standard policies for these protocols to be utilized when necessary rather than leaving it up to individual hospitals to come up with their own policy and procedures.

To improve my shock and surprise that I had been told from the counter attendee I was at the ER department. Again, lab TATs impact the length of stay for a patient, and they also affect the level of quality care the hospital delivers.

The expanding demand of the emergency support has barely affected the service suppliers. Quick registration, bedside registration, standing orders for certain emergencies instead of having to seek out a doctor and obtain sign-off, and the use of fast-track and sub-waiting areas are all being utilized at EDs across the nation.

An overwhelming base of knowledge and research indicates the long-held myth that indigent patients are the cause of the almost catastrophic problem of ED overcrowding is based on opinion and perception but not fact. It does little good to improve technology and processes if those improvements are not evaluated and improved over time.

Criteria must be established, and legislative measures taken if necessary, to establish formulated programs that hospitals must implement as each trigger point is reached.

Patient Tracking and Informatics Technology. Many hospitals have implemented them and they have significantly improved ED overcrowding. In this condition once I stepped to the emergency department, I had been shocked to find out there was a long waiting queue outside the doorway.

There is also no question that the mystery as to why has been solved after so many years of assumptions that have turned out to be incorrect. Emergency Room Overcrowding This is a template and guideline. Please do not use as a final turn-in paper.

Emergency Room Overcrowding This Is&nbspEssay

Note what the Australiasian College of Emergency Physicians suggests as the solution to the problem: Prioritize hospital resources for the ED. Thus, I had no other way but to await my turn and then avail medication.

California ranks 50th of 50 states in the number of EDs; they provide only six emergency rooms to each one million patients.

Overcrowding in Hospitals Essay

It is the lack of effective use of full-capacity protocol that most demands attention and implementation to alleviate patient boarding. The legislation will force hospitals and EDs to evaluate the overcrowding conditions vs.

Lawsuits will explode and hospitals will close their doors due to the legal financial drain.Emergency department (ED) overcrowding is a serious problem currently facing hospitals in nearly all the states in the United States. It is one of the most common causes of ED dysfunction.

Overcrowded EDs tend to exhibit longer waiting times, increased chances of transmission of communicable diseases and increased delays in hospital admission. American Healthcare, Emergency Rooms - Overcrowding in Hospitals | Get help with any kind of assignment - from a high school essay to a PhD dissertation.

There are two main causes of overcrowding in emergency departments. Firstly, emergency medication is the only department in the "House of Prescriptions" that has a centralized command to deliver care to any patients who needs treatments (Carter, ).

Suter, R. E. (). Overcrowding and boarding historical perspective. Meeting The Challenge Of Emergency Department Overcrowding/Boarding. Trzeciak, S. & Rivers, E. (). Emergency department overcrowding in the United States: an emerging threat to patient safety and public health.

Emergency Medicine Journal, 20 (5), pp. Hospitals are feeling 'niched to death' Essay - Haugh, Richard, Hospitals are feeling 'niched to death', H&HN: Hospitals & Health Networks,Apr, Vol.

76, Issue 4 This article is about a small Louisiana town where a dispute between the sole hospital and its largest physician group. The reason for emergency department overcrowding is the practice of inpatient boarding" (GetInsideHealth,para.

5). Solutions Offerred Many hospitals are using their own creativity to resort to on-the-spot procedures to make processes more efficient.

Overcrowding in hospitals essay
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