Pastoral counseling reflection paper

Within the understanding of this respectful relationship, we articulate that faith does not replace reason. Original work published Petersen, J. The translation is not, as some may think, and as suggested, talking about God.

The Pastoral Counselor, after the manner of the Divine relationship, seeks to create a hospitable, safe space, a space in which the client experiences unconditional welcome.

It is a general feeling of apprehension about possible danger. But we must still, while guided by God in a way that is deeply respectful of human freedom, think for ourselves, and make our own political and personal choices, and plan our own futures, and decorate our own homes, and play our own games, and wiggle our own Pastoral counseling reflection paper, and navigate our psychological issues.

Such knowledge is, of course, never exhaustive but it is real. If such were the case, I would be very nervous! What is, nonetheless, my theological perspective distinct from and respectful of my counseling theory, which makes me a Pastoral Counselor?

In other words, as a Pastoral Counselor, I need make no mention of God for God to be present, for the client to be engaged in the light thereof, or for the insights regarding the Divine Presence to influence positively the counseling process.

Identity and the Life Cycle. Believing in this participation in Divine mercy, the Pastoral Counselor particularly avoids the caricature of counseling: A goal can be a mental construct, such as a value or an ideal.

After being approached by the second family, asking me to help them grow their family spiritually, I asked them why they were coming to me? What I am beginning to sketch here stems from a particular understanding of the relationship between faith and what is received in faith, that is, revelation and reason.

From a theological perspective, the human person—and thus the client— is a child of God. According to Erik Erickson even Freud supports the foundational and meaningful nature of these activities p.

If, as Freud says, a normal person is a person who loves and works well, then, practically speaking, therapy seeks to assist the client in eliminating all obstacles of mind and will to love and creativity.

An end—in the Aristotelian sense, in the realistic sense, is always an existent reality.

Pastoral Reflection paper Essay

There is no one more respectful than God. It was at that point I was labeled the unofficial counseling Pastor of the Church. These themes are important, and definitely, in my opinion, must have place in counseling. Different life situations have caused me to receive counseling, but that was the extent of my counseling experience.

He so beautifully states BC: In doing this, I know God will use this class to teach me different methods, style and techniques to better help people and families in need.

Now, this Divine relationship, because it informs the heart and mind of the therapist in a deeply personal way, ought to translate somehow in the counseling room. There is, however, another fundamental experience which, in addition to interpersonal relationships, which gives direction to our lives: Living well is living these two experiences well.

Moreover, as we shall see, the theology developed based on such revelation is distinct from and respectful of human understanding that emerges from reflection upon human experience. Looking back on my time when I went through counseling in Pastoral counseling reflection paper, I realize the counselors had a great amount of balance in their sessions.

Alfred Adler says p. I could not call it counseling, but in my heart knew that is what it would lead too. Although there is a relational power differential, the Pastoral Counselor knows that both therapist and client together are, in fact, seekers of and collaborators in divine light.

Indeed, our experience shows that all human beings come to some knowledge of reality. The Pastoral Counselor ought to strive towards such respect. The following is mine, inspired by Aristotle, taught by my seminary mentor Marie-Dominique Philippe, a brilliant man, and confirmed by daily life.

There was a lot of fear involved in the counseling, not from those who were being counseled, but from me, because I never had any formal training.

If I may dare interpretation, by combining both statements: In the end, when distilled we have two basic experiences: If, then, there is some end of the things we do, which we desire for its own sake everything else being desired for the sake of thisand if we do not choose everything for the sake of something else for at that rate the process would go on to infinity, so that our desire would be empty and vainclearly this must be the good and the chief good.

There is a theological axiom that has rung true throughout the centuries in most Christian circles:Running head: PASTORAL COUNSELING REFLECTION PAPER 1 Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Kenneth Bass Liberty University PATORAL COUNSELING REFLECTION PAPER 2 Abstract This paper shares a reflection of my pastoral counseling experiences.

My experiences have been while serving overseas as a. Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper University Abstract This paper shares a reflection of my pastoral counseling experiences.

Reflections on Pastoral Counseling

My experiences have been while serving overseas as a M, along with my time serving at Church as the Assiocate Pastor. View Essay - Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper - Justin Cullen from PACO at Liberty University.

Running head: PASTORAL COUNSELING REFLECTION PAPER Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Justin63%(8). Running Head: PASTORAL COUNSELING REFLECTION PAPER 1 Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Liberty University Abstract Running Head: PASTORAL COUNSELING REFLECTION PAPER 2 The role of the Pastor exceeds just evangelizing, preaching and the administration of the church.

A large part of a Pastor’s. Abstract This paper shares a reflection of my pastoral counseling experiences - Pastoral Reflection paper introduction. My experiences have been while serving overseas as a M, along with my time serving at Church as the Assiocate Pastor.

In this paper I will share past events and what I have learned from them when it comes. The author presents a reflection on the class content presented during the first week of PACO BO1. The author has limited pastoral counseling experiences that stem from an online ministry.

The majority of the counseling experiences are conducted online view confidential instant messaging and or.

Pastoral counseling reflection paper
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