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Command and community involvement also reflect a well-rounded, career-motivated individual. The maximum possible score is For promotions to E-4 and E-5, the promotion test comprises 38 percent of the total possible promotion points.

Personal decorations, letters of commendation or appreciation, etc.


However, like the Marine Corps, the Navy has established their own limitation on the number of E-4s that can serve, so that paygrade is part of the "competitive" process.

Next, to be eligible for promotion consideration, the sailor would have to meet the minimum Time in Rate TIR requirements for promotion to the next paygrade: The recorder, assistant recorders, officer of the Chief of Naval Personnel CNP enlisted advancement planner and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy may consult with the entire board on any matter concerning selections.

This quota is filled by the "best-qualified" candidates. I scored an For promotions to E-6, the test comprises Within each rating, those in the top 60 percent based on the above promotion points are considered for promotion by a service-wide promotion board.

Good luck to everyone, I hope this site helps you advance the first time every time. This data shows board members whether or not the individual is performing duties commensurate with his or her rate and if expectations of professional growth are being met.

My first term ends at the end of next month. I was admittedly not feeling well today. Each year an instruction, called a precept, is prepared for the board.

An oath administered to board members and recorders on convening is contained in the precept. Promotion Point Results FMS results for all candidates are rank-ordered from the top to the bottom score - or from the most qualified to the least qualified.

Anyone using this site is subject to our ToS Terms of Use Privacy Policy About this site I developed this site to help all my fellow shipmates advance on the navy wide advancement exam. On average, one can expect to be promoted after completing the following Time-in-Service Statistics: The board meets in Washington, D.

While it is not necessary that a candidate be serving in a sea duty billet when the board convenes, it is desired that his or her record reflect demonstrated evidence of professional and managerial excellence aboard at sea or at isolated duty assignments.

Generally, about one-half of the questions are about general subjects, and the other half covers the specific rating job. The advancement exam is just the first step for those under consideration for promotion to E-7, Chief Petty Officer.

Assignments and history of duties performed are determined from the service record transfers and receipts page, and the job description on the evaluations. Before the test remember Advancement, Advancement, Advancement!

I will make every effort to ensure this is met. Performance Evaluations - Sailors are rated periodically on their duty, conduct, and performance, by their supervisor s using written performance evaluations. Apprenticeship examinations consist of questions. Promotion Test - Chief petty officers E-7 to E-9 from each rating develop navy advancement examinations.

Evaluation marks and narratives are closely reviewed and a trend is identified.

The rank-ordering process identifies the top based on FMS who will actually be advanced. If E-5s get out in a particular rating, then E-4s can be promoted to E I found the actual assessment to be a bit harder than the pre-assessment.

Just a quick rant about the Kryterion software. Knowledge is reflected as examination performance. Upon convening, the board establishes internal ground rules and minimum selection criteria, which each member uses when screening the records of candidates.

It seems like everytime I take an objective exam I have to uninstall and re-install the software. Here you will find an up to date Bib for your prospective advancement exam which will be linked to as many files as I can for both PMK and Rating, saving you the time and effort of looking all of it up yourself.QDC1 assessment 1 - SCHOOL Western Governors University; COURSE TITLE QDC 1; TYPE.

Test Prep. UPLOADED BY srvtech PAGES 27 RATINGS. % (15) 15 out of 15 people found this document helpful QDC1 %(15). Each study guide includes terms and definitions from the assigned chapters of the course textbook(s), quiz questions and answers from the online companions, and assessment questions and answers.

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Qdc1 study guide
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