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Pliny also says that the weakest part of a bear is its head, and that it can be killed by a smart blow there. This reminds us of Christ, the good Shepherd, who not only ventured, but laid down his life for the sheep.

Matthew Henry Commentary He that has delivered, does and will continue to do so. The Hebrew literally is, "There came the lion and even the bear," the articles implying that they were the well known foes of the shepherd. There was Rencontres anglais to fear; he must succeed, he and his Divine Helper!

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This shows that the combat thus particularly described was with the bear, which does thus rise on its hind legs to grapple with its foe, while the lion crouches and then springs.

The manner in which David killed the lion is not described. Lions and bears Rencontres anglais both common in ancient times in Palestine, when the country was more densely covered with wood; and bears are numerous in the mountainous districts now.

Pulpit Commentary Verses David gained leave to fight the Philistine.

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He arose against me. The beard applies to the lion alone. But faith, prayer, truth, and righteousness; the whole armour of God, and the mind that was in Christ; are equally needful for all the servants of the Lord, whatever may be their work.

When David kept sheep, he proved himself very careful and tender of his flock. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary Not being used to such armour as Saul put upon him, he was not satisfied to go in that manner; this was from the Lord, that it might more plainly appear he fought and conquered in faith, and that the victory was from Him who works by the feeblest and most despised means and instruments.

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Lions seem to have been less feared than bears Amos 5: Only let him try. Neither the bear nor the lion has a beard, and the word really means "the chin," "the place where the beard grows. Thus God often sends good words to his Israel, and does great things for them, by the weak and foolish things of the world.

It is plain from this description that David slew the beast with his staff. Our experience ought to encourage us to trust in God, and be bold in the way of duty.

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In answer to his objection of inability to encounter with one so superior to him; and this answer is founded on experience and facts, and shows that he was not so weak and inexpert as Saul took him to be: It is not to be inquired how excellent any thing is, but how proper.

There can be little doubt that David refers to two different occasions, especially as bears and lions never hunt in company. The written text has zeh, "this," for seh, "a lamb," probably a mere variety of spelling.

The bear must have been a Syrian bear, which is believed to be a distinct species, or perhaps a variety, of the brown bear. Another had helped him when he did his brave duty then; and he felt that the same invisible Guardian would give him nerve and strength now in this more dangerous encounter.

Fierce wild animals, the terror of the Hebrew shepherds, had attacked his flock:The Oxford Intensive School of English (OISE) offers language courses and exam preparation in small groups throughout the UK, Europe and in the US.

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Kiera Cass is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series. Hebrews who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and obtained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, Judges Partner Services - site de rencontre avec femmes russes.

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