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The authors explore the cultural meaning of illness, discuss how individuals experience illness, and critique the foundations of medical knowledge. The idea that disease emanates from an individuals relationship with his environment was part of Greek medical orthodoxy social construction of illness essay writer, as anthropologists have discovered, is a quite common concept in other cultures Gomm p Medical matters are often socially constructed through the beliefs of the medical profession and their power to control the behaviour of society, this happens when alcoholism, smoking or obesity are seen as unacceptable and so are labelled as disease which society finds easier to accept.

This change of diseases can be explained by our changing society. Our ideas in society tend to construct gender differences in health problems, there appears to be some evidence that men take more risks than women such as dangerous sports and violent activities and hazardous occupations, also women tend to consult doctors more often but yet statistics suggest women have more ill health, but this could be because women in their socially produced gender roles are seen as more acceptable to show weakness and seek medical help.

The Social Construction Of Illness

McKeown believed that a key reason for this change was that people were becoming stronger and more resilient to diseases because of better nutrition, improved environmental conditions e. Today we understand that these are not illnesses, it is society that is changing.

Health is a complex interaction of social class, environment, medical definitions, subjective definitions and the interests of the leaders of society. This also affects the social class divide as the wealthier can afford a more complete health insurance.

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This is where the power of the medical profession can be clearly seen. What do they influence? New Society, Class Handout.

Many critics have come to the fore in putting forward their arguments that the medical understanding of illness and health is not derived directly from nature but constructed and developed by by parties who have an interest in this affair and other claims-makers.

Doctors and specialists who are able to choose the areas they work will more often choose middleclass areas where they will have the advantage of better staff and equipment. Social relativist sociologists criticise those who agree objectively to medical definitions of illness and health.

In societies what appears to be abnormal or unacceptable is often labelled as disease, conflicts arise because what accounts for illness differs from place to place and from time to time.

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For instance, at the basic individual level in creating self-awareness, individual action and interactive communication; in the spheres of hospitals and medical education; and also at the national level: The free Sociology research paper Health And Illness essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

This has been disagreed with by a number of different sociologists. Social Construction of Illness and Health is a module in Medical Sociology and often a topic for assignment writing.

Peter Sedgwick found that: Sociology Review, Class Handout. What is the importance of Social Construction of Illness and Health? However there are also theories that try explaining the results of the Black report, suggesting that the system of health care is not such an important factor as other life circumstances that affect the health of different classes.

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Chronic illness prompts a reevaluation of one former life and creation of a new illness identity such as cancer survivor.

The definition of health differs from each individual and from each society. Or if a man was homosexual he was put into a mental institute for therapy for instance Oscar Wilde. In addition there are certain illness s that women suffer from because of their biology because women live longer they tend to suffer from degenerative disorders.

It looked into four explanations as to why this is. That illness is defined as deviation from the norm. A further criticism of the medical model of health is that it causes iatrogenesis. For instance, some illnesses are predominantly implanted with cultural meaning that is not drawn from the actual nature of the illness itself.

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It showed that there was a pattern to the wealth and health experienced by the different social classes. The other explanation considered by the Black report accepted the relationship between social class and health, the social selection explanation theorises that it is not social class that affects heath but health that affects social class, people who suffer poor health stay at the bottom of the occupational scale because they are not healthy enough to make any progress, and that it is not the lower class which actually causes their poor health but rather people who are ill tend to take time off school and work so their chances of succeeding are less likely than someone who is healthy and is rarely absent from school or work.

For instance, cases of Whooping Cough were about per million inby they were already down to around per million, and in when the vaccination became widely available there were already less then cases per a million. The constructionist argument relies deeply on the analogy between deviance and illness.To start with, it was a term coined by Peter L Berger and Thomas Luckmann when they published their book on The Social Construction of Reality.

The actual term Social Construction means a phenomenon that is built up through social processes rather than being a natural occurrence. The social construction of health and illness is a complex interaction of gender, class, age and other social characteristics, still vast social divisions of health outcomes, social class divisions in mortality and morbidity are probably the result of material factors, what is defined as disease often occurs in patterns which are best understood sociologically.

The social construction of Health and Illness. Introduction. A social vision of medicine seems to move attention to the promotion and information of health, on the social, cultural, political and economic health in terms of factors and variables in relation to each other without forgetting that the center is the individual.

Social Construction of Illness

Below is an essay on "Social Construction of Health and Iilness" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. This essay will aim to evaluate and critically analyse the social construction of health and illness using established theoretical perspectives.

The Social Construction IllnessThe Social Construction IllnessThe social construction of illness is the social meaning of the condition. For instance, when a physician diagnosis a person human condition as the illness, the sick person changes his behavior and a social state is added.

More mainstream perspectives which lead the debate over whether mental illness is a social construction or if it is a real and tangible phenomenon are `medical naturalism’ and `social constructionism’.

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