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Teachers know the meaning of this word and know how to perform teaching. Actually active learning methodology focuses on helping in learning and facilitating in learning.

Active learning methodologies are very effective to find out students creativity and talent. Active learning methodologies and active learning classroom techniques provide very smart teaching learning opportunities to teachers.

Discussing about Active Learning Methodologywe find the importance of facilitating in learning. In our classrooms teachers have to change his attitude about teaching process. Sometimes they do not know the difference between teaching and facilitating in learning and it make a distance between the students and teachers.

Thanks to visit my blog. Teachers have to make learning more interesting and interactive, so that students may learn better. Teachers have to understand the modern trends in teaching learning process.

Active learning methodologies include several activities in classroom; such as reading, making mind maps and group presentation and engage the student whole time.

Thus the entire classroom environment is changed. Teaching is an activity which is helping the student in learning. Now teacher is as a facilitator in learning. Teachers may use collaborative learning and try to do an exciting experiment in his class. Teaching is the well known word for teachers.

Active learning methodologies are very smart methodologies very helpful to students in learning. If teacher think that every student should be sound in his subject is his duty than teaching-learning process become innovative, active and interesting.

What do you think about this? If teacher is able to create an active learning environment in his class, he has to help the students in learning in various ways.

Active learning methodologies are able to make teaching very smart and easy. Teaching means teacher is doing the act of teaching. How much achieve the students, it is another question and it is not a matter for teacher….!

Teaching and learning are being modified due to innovations in education.

You may leave your innovative ideas as comments on my blog. Learning means students are doing the act of learning. Teachers should become mentors and they should make students learn.

In active learning methodology, teachers help the students in learning.7. Teacher as Facilitator "A caring adult can make a big difference in the educational outcome of any child that is at risk of experiencing educational failure.". In the role of learning facilitator, coaches influence the direction of the school’s profession-al development plan.

As experts on professional the coach may help the teacher understand the stages of language acquisition. These forms of learning occur daily and are facilitated by coach.

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Finally, the teacher should help. Moving away from teaching and becoming a facilitator of learning. PAILAL, 2(2). This issue focuses on helping the teacher to move away from the deliverer of knowledge in a passive environment, to one where all learners are. But before we talk about how the teacher can be a facilitator, we must comprehend the meaning of a facilitator.

A facilitator is the person who assists a group of people in grasping at their common targets and in achieving them without any.

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Teacher as facilitator essay help
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