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They may be a poor conversationalist, poor at indicating their interest in their partner, or their interactions with other people may be generally unrewarding. Based on these kinds of studies, it seems likely that attachment styles in the child-parent domain and attachment styles in the romantic relationship domain are only moderately related at best.

Recent research on adult attachment has revealed some interesting complexities concerning the relationships between avoidance and defense.

First, she provided one of the first empirical demonstrations of how attachment behavior is patterned in both safe and frightening contexts. The lack of social skills therefore, means that others perceive them as not being interested in relating, so a relationship tends to break down before it gets going.

The research may have been affected by social desirability bias due to the self-reporting nature of the experiment.

Discuss research into the breakdown of Romantic Relationships Essay Sample

When instructed to suppress their thoughts and feelings, however, dismissing individuals were able to do so effectively. Importantly, when reunited with their parents, these children have a difficult time being soothed, and often exhibit conflicting behaviors that suggest they want to be comforted, but that they also want to "punish" the parent for leaving.

He found that the instigators of break-ups suffer fewer negative consequences than the non-instigators. The intra-psychic phase is where one partner becomes dissatisfied with the relationship but does not share this with the other partner; they may tell friends or family about their dissatisfaction.

Cina et al compared 50 couples who received CCET training with a control group who did not. In other words, the same kinds of factors that facilitate exploration in children i. This essay has been written for people who are interested in learning more about research on adult attachment.

Individual Differences in Infant Attachment Patterns Although Bowlby believed that the basic dynamics described above captured the normative dynamics of the attachment behavioral system, he recognized that there are individual differences in the way children appraise the accessibility of the attachment figure and how they regulate their attachment behavior in response to threats.

A lack of stimulation may be boredom or a belief that the relationship is not going anywhere, and this may result in breakdown. In the final resurrection process, each partner prepares for a new relationship by learning from the mistakes of the previous relationship.

Children who appear secure in the strange situation, for example, tend to have parents who are responsive to their needs. Once a child has developed such expectations, he or she will tend to seek out relational experiences that are consistent with those expectations and perceive others in a way that is colored by those beliefs.

The important point here is that the principles of attachment theory can be used to derive developmental models that make strikingly different predictions about the long-term stability of individual differences.

He surveyed romantic break ups and found that most of the participants appeared to be going through the same five phases: Assessing which stage a couple is in can help to identify what steps should be taken to save the relationship. For example, it is probably the case that, while some romantic relationships are genuine attachment relationships, others are not.

Holt and Stone found that there was little decrease in relationship satisfaction, as long as lovers are able to reunite regularly. Furthermore, they are more likely to provide support to their distressed partners e.

That is, they could deactivate their physiological arousal to some degree and minimize the attention they paid to attachment-related thoughts. They suggested that breakdowns happened in five phases: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Participants judged that sexual reasons for infidelity would be more likely used by men, whereas emotional reasons for infidelity would be more likely to be used by women A Model of Breakdown Duck and Rollie, Another cause of relationship breakdown is a lack of stimulation.

Use the tools on the right to view answers by topic or by past paper. Rollie and Duck use the same model for both instigators and non-instigators. For example, Kelly Brennan and her colleagues collected a number of statements e.

Similar kinds of patterns have emerged in research on adult attachment. Partners strive to construct a representation of the relationship that does not paint their own contribution to the relationship unfavourably. One critical variable has been labeled attachment-related anxiety.

This model has been largely supported by research evidence. Analyses of this model revealed that long-term stability can approach a non-zero limiting value. This process often involves emotional distress. This provides evidence for both the grave dressing and resurrection process thus increasing the validity of this explanation.

In contrast, this may be partly due to the increased access to technology which allows long-distance partners to communicate fully which makes relationships less likely to breakdown.AO1 – Duck () One theory of the breakdown of romantic relationships centres on the reasons for breakdown proposed by Duck () One reason is lack of skills, where a partner lacking in social skills may struggle in conversations and make the relationship mutually satisfying This can lead to the partner perceiving them as uninterested.

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The Breakdown Of Relationships

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The breakdown of romantic relationships essay
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