Theft and violence in de niros game a novel by rawi hage

At first, Bassam narrates his plot with apt sophistication pertaining to the vein of a comic novel. Everything comes in battalions of "ten thousands," only to recede into an uncertainty principle about what is really happening, as if the narrator needed the tautological register to reassure himself that what is happening is really happening.

Unlike George, Bassam is not drawn to the world of power and criminality. As a result, the young men growing up in this place and time find they are becoming socialized into criminality.

Yes, such intellectual drama from any powerful book, may seek out the unsuspecting desired spirit. Nigel Beale From the Reviews: It is of how survival waking up to its final feeble day, refuses to die.

There are lots of flashes and bursts -- of guns and bombs going off -- and a good deal of violence, but that can only carry a book so far not very. Such goes the tumultuous lure of the novel. George at least finds some sense of purpose by being part of the militia and, as it turns out, by assuming another role as wellbut it turns out to be too much for him; Bassam never finds anything that can tie him closely enough to his homeland, having lost his family and been unable to take the first steps towards starting his own.

Bassam does laborous work, unloading crates at a port but dreams of going abroad. The title does not, however, simply refer to the game of Russian Roulette that will finish the story of George and Bassam. Die sich daraus ergebenden dramatischen Ereignisse schildert Hage spannend wie in einem Thriller, angelehnt an die Dramaturgie amerikanischer Actionfilme, die wiederum literarisch gebrochen wird durch seine poetische, jederzeit dringliche und kraftvolle Prosa.

Additionally, it is a world in which violence is perceived as virtually the only effective solution to any problem, and although on one level the reckless young men are convinced of their invincibility, their irresponsible conductin a world without hope or optionstakes on a suicidal ideation.

It also describes the situation of young men in a world in which survival seems to be increasingly an inexplicable matter of chance and in which the value of life is treated with a careless disregard.

Hage performs this feat in a prose at its finest, filmic, incisive, emotionally detached but piquant and breathtaking: Ten thousand bombs had dropped like marbles on the kitchen floor and my mother was still cooking. But when this scheme goes awry, George is drafted into a Phalangist militia, and becomes increasingly sucked into the war.

Where will it all end? Irony and humour supports the story of family life. Bassam has a low-paying job in the port, while George works in a sort of casino; they work a small-scale rip-off scheme to make some extra cash, but eventually George gets more and more involved with the militia, while Bassam gets drawn into some occasional drug and liquor smuggling.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Still with a nifty gun as a security blanket, Bassam also exhibits his fair share of flaws.

Bassam has a beauty, Rana, for a part-time girlfriend but is unable to hold on to her fiery demands. Bassam and George come of age in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war. The ambitious young rebel will later pay a heavy price for it.

The story is set insome seven years into the war. Later, it goes on. It is in this mood that The first part of the book gives the backstory of their friendship and shows them prowling the streets of divided Beirut, as they struggle to define their identity.

Johnny Walkers" The repetition of the figure of "ten thousand" serves an important narrative and structural purpose. This out of a lengthy nomination list. No doubt, his is a contemporary novel both experimental in style with its preference for straightforward narration and compressed with rude slick conversational gestures and ease of twists in forms exploited for different episodes.

Where they once sped about on a rusty motorcyle and - and how convincingly here Hage paints out the aura and childlike idealist of a motorcylist who with wind and speed as faithful companions, may feel the whole world to be his - to symbolise their childhood friendship, the trusty vehicle will later give way to expensive cars, jeeps and guns for George while Bassam will come into unexpected fortune and trailing it, a violent incident that will scar his life.

The reader is not warned when this happens.

De Niro's Game Analysis

Each must eventually settle for separate complicated destinies as a tough survival pack. Teen Angst is never very appealing, and with these young adults having and using guns that makes it even less so. And he has a point: No doubt that from the many high-layered blurbs splashed about the paperback, the Boston Globe captures its essence most fittingly when it observes among other things, " Bassam and George grew up in the midst of the violence, and now they are adults with few prospects and no hope.

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The militias that have taken over the city are little more than powerful criminal gangs; the city, besieged by bombs and bullets, has become not only a war zone but also an amoral, lawless space that easily accommodates theft and violence.Nov 17,  · The theme in De Niro's Game, is the fall and rise and fall and rise again of modern-day cynicism when hope takes a tumble from a faithless ladder of belief and straggling dreams.

It is of how survival waking up to its final feeble day, refuses to die. During an early scene in Rawi Hage’s De Niro’s Game (), Bassam, the novel’s protagonist and narrator, offers to fetch ‘‘Kotex’’ from a local shop for his neighbour, a young girl who is menstruating (75).

Keenly aware of the threat of the falling bombs, as well as the stench emanating from Beirut’s damaged infrastructure. Jun 24,  · The title of this novel, De Niro’s Game, refers not only to the character of George, who is nicknamed De Niro after the American actor, but also to the suicidal Russian roulette that Robert De.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Title: Masculinity and Trauma in 'De Niro's Game'. In his article "National Trauma and the 'Uncanny' in Hage's Novel De Niro's Game" Hany Ali Abdelfattah attempts to decipher the "uncanny" in the character of George who has been haunted by the memories of Bassam, a Lebanese survivor of trauma.

Rawi Hage's De Niro's Game crystallizes the national.

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Theft and violence in de niros game a novel by rawi hage
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