Website to find competitors

Based off the number of likes, shares, and user engagement, you can determine what content is working and where your strategy can improve.

Find Similar Sites

For example, examine that pet keyword ranking that a key executive insists on maintaining at position one. Where are the unmet market needs that you can fill?

Q. Where can I find a company's top competitors?

Look around their site Get links where your competitors are Create gap content Emulate high performing competitor content Monitor competitor mentions Look Around Your Competitor Sites This one is probably obvious, but I thought I should point out some things that you might not have considered: But what about smaller, independent sites that are also doing well?

BuzzSumo will then provide you with a breakdown of how to two domains compare to one another. The good news is that while hiring someone like Weiss can save you or your employees from spending the time to conduct research on your competitors, you can also employ several techniques to get the job done virtually for free.

We can see this data by scrolling down past the dashboard summary to the Top Pieces of Content report: But what about specific content and those sweet, sweet keywords? Both were published by Mike Johnson at a site called getstarted.

Begin with Facebook, the largest by far of all social networks, and then move to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Take the time to jot down a list of your biggest challengers by searching your own top keywords in search engines.

The idea of an efficient market would suggest that a high spend for a keyword would generate a high return, so pay attention to high spend keywords.

5 Ways to Monitor Competitor Website Traffic

Using this technique, however, allows you to identify new competitor keywords by parent topic — in the above example, how to choose a domain name — as well as dozens or even hundreds or relevant, semantically related keywords at the same time, allowing you to do what Moz has done, which is target many different relevant keywords in a single article.

Enter your site or a known competitor to discover a list of similar sites.

The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords

Your only competitors online are those who are digitally relevant to keywords and concepts within the nature and scope of your industry niche. As you can see, the most popular content type for both the Content Marketing Institute and Copyblogger are lists, followed closely by how-to articles.

Ontolo used to have a great tool that would allow you to enter a list of keywords and it would automatically search Google for all those keywords and count how often competing sites would show up. This is what your friends or coworkers will see when you create your own scenario.

Sep 20, More from Inc. For example, you may have heard of SimilarWebwhich is a website traffic tool built on a global platform to ensure accurate and high quality data. The reason they were dissatisfied with their previous supplier.

You can also learn something by studying the kinds of jobs your competitors are looking to fill, says David B. Select the ones you are most interested in and run a Site Comparison to see who is most popular. How to Write a Customer Survey The top result — 50 Best Social Media Tools From 50 Most Influential Marketers Online — is far and away the most popular article published by CMI within the past year with more than 10, shares, twice the share volume of the second-most popular article.Hoover's and OneSource both list a company's top competitors with in-depth reports: Hoover's Online Provides company profiles, corporate directory (searchable by company name, industry, ticker symbol, sales, location), market quotes, and business news.

This page returns a table of a company's business competitors based on the Security Industry Code. The number of issues returned will vary based on the number of competitors in that group.

Find Out for Free Discover opportunities that online competitors haven't yet found by using these free analysis tools.

By Aaron Aders Founder and. If you want to find competitors of your website than very easy option is that search your keywords on Google, yahoo, bing or any other search engine tool.

The ranking of website helps you to find the competitors of your website. SpyFu is another popular competitive intelligence tool that can help you find competitor keywords.

Unlike similar tools, however, SpyFu is a tool dedicated solely to competitive intelligence research.

How to Find Your Competitors Online and Knock Them Out

Get an SEO comparison analysis report of how well you are competing against your competitors for the indicated keyword phrase(s). Ask The Expert Our Google certified experts are ready to answer any questions you might have about your website or digital marketing campaign/5(94).

Website to find competitors
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