Writing decimals as percents

It could also be written as 7. The term percent is another name for hundredths. First, they took their skittles to work on some converting using hundreds charts.

Percents can be represented pictorially in the same way as tenths and hundredths using base-ten models such as 10 x 10 grids and circular disks marked around the edge. It is therefore useful to know some simple Writing decimals as percents between fractions and decimals.

I have done several activities like this to Writing decimals as percents the learning relevant to the students. Further explanations of the decimal point in naming decimals can be found in the information on the Decimal Number System. The last step really helps students visualize that percentages are still only parts of a whole, which was a concept many of my students struggled with.

Then I had them take all of the example pieces and put them with the correct conversion type so the one on the top left in the picture below was matched to percent to fraction, etc. Finally, the absolute favorite activity involved Skittles!

If you are looking for more great ideas, check out my Fractions and Decimals Pinterest Boards. This is definitely a "raw" look at an anchor chart.

An understanding of the role of the decimal point in naming decimals can help in understanding the link between hundredths and percents. I let them choose which fractions they wanted to work with, then they put a fraction on the outside, equivalent fractions on the top flap I made them determine whether or not they could get the fraction over percentage and drawing in the middle and decimal form on the bottom.

Understanding that the place to the right of the decimal point is the tenths place makes it immediately clear that, for example, 0. We made it as a class and there are a few little mess ups I made as we reworded things together and worked through examples together.

Fractions can be converted to a denominator of a power of ten: We folded our paper into thirds and glued the middle third down, then cut the remaining flaps into fifths. She has a great blog post about the foldable HEREand my students loved how sleek and clean it looked.

Including a few activities you can do in your class and a freebie for you as well! Percents seems to be one of those things that students have long heard of and had interest in, but never really been taught.

Then, MY favorite activity! They did a great job with this and really took some ownership over figuring out which went with which.

Converting percents

Even though they were enjoying candy while working, they worked so diligently to complete the assignment, and I was so proud of their hard work.

They came up with different categories and reasons why we might use percents since this was our main focusand then they had to brainstorm real world scenarios and word problems that fit underneath. We also worked through percent word problem task cards in small groups. I have a huge stash of Skittles in my room simply because I need them at the ready when I want to use all the different activities!

Then, they had to look at the example to find the appropriate steps and match them up. They have been referencing both their foldable and the anchor chart throughout the rest of their work with this concept. So in the decimal 0. That is always my goal! I planned several activities around the skill, and my students did a great job with it.

The term hundredths can be replaced with percent to be The sorting part was a total spur of the moment activity, but there is something about sorting the kids really seem to love!Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Decimals, and Percents STATE STANDARDS When comparing and ordering fractions, decimals, and percents write the numbers as all fractions, all decimals, or all percents.

Percents, Fractions, and Decimals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Begin by writing each portion as a fraction, decimal, and percent. Convert Decimals to Percents "Percent" means "per " so: Multiply the Decimal Number byand put the "%" sign so people know it is per Fractions and Percentages Percentage Calculator Introduction to Decimals Introduction to Percentages Decimals Index Percents Index.

The vocabulary of math is a big deal- here we practice using the proper name of a decimal to write it in symbols. For example, "two tenths" would be "" formally, even though more casually, we might read that number as "zero point two.". Writing Decimals as Percents. Move the decimal point two spaces to the right, and add a symbol (this is the same as multiplying by ).

1. 6 Writing Fractions as Percents. Divide the numerator by the denominator to get a decimal.

Decimals Worksheets

Convert a percentage to a decimal. Free online percent to decimal conversion calculator. Change percents into decimals. Free math lesson on Writing Decimals as Percents by Math Goodies.

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Writing decimals as percents
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